As the saying goes, there is no rule without rules. Practice has proven that without a high state of mind, there is no high standard of work. To lead the continuous improvement of safety and quality standardization, it is necessary to take advanced safety culture as the guide, strengthen the indoctrination, pay close attention to education and training, raise the level of cognition, cultivate and standardize the civilized behavior of employees, and enhance the inherent vitality of creation.
Standardization of safety and quality is a standard and a benchmark. It has a clear value for the safety attributes of each equipment and facility, each operating environment component, each management activity, and each process action. It uses this standard scale and benchmark to measure and judge a specific Whether your company has achieved safety and quality standardization.
Everyone knows that chemical production is dangerous and there are many unsafe factors. Based on this, our cadres and employees should learn standards well, keep standards in mind, master standards well, and standardize safety and quality throughout our lives.
1, the habit of “cultivating” details
According to accident statistics, it is found that more than 90% of safety accidents occur in teams and teams, and more than 80% of accidents in teams are caused by employees' "three violations". Therefore, the security concept put forward by grassroots teams is "make security a habit, make habit more secure." And habits are developed by details. The so-called details are small things that people don't look at. If the Qianli Embankment is safe, the details are anthills. The process of discovering, finding, processing, and making up anthills is detail management. The team develops the details, don't bother to be small, and don't bother to be specific, the finer the better. As a result, many small things that don't seem to be security violations are included in the detailed management of security behavior. Unbuttoned clothes are easy to be hooked and fall; wearing a safety helmet must be "tightened" with a tie and a cap buckle. Not only that, the staff's work site wear, grooming, image behavior, work behavior, etc. have been included in the standard assessment.
2, habit "form" standard
Mere habit alone is obviously not enough. The improvement of habit formation is standardized management. That is, establish a series of standards, decompose the operation process into several steps and operating procedures, and use scientific methods, rules and regulations plus practical safety operation experience to provide step-by-step safety guidance for the operation process. The safety instruction book is like the instruction manual of the TV. Even if you do not understand the TV, you can follow the instructions step by step to perform safe operation. Extend from this, get used to the standard of "cultivation"
3. Standard "formation" safety
With strict standards, we must implement the standards. In safety management, we adhere to the "six things" and "five nothings", move the security management work level forward and focus down, and strive to create a safety standardization team. "Six" includes first, safety management has goals; second, safety management has rules; third, operations have norms; fourth, inspections have records; fifth, assessment has a basis; sixth, teams have safety officers. "Five no" means: First, there are no "three violations" in the operation; second, there is no defect in the equipment; third, there is no hidden danger in the environment; fourth, there is no omission in education; and fifth, there is no defect in the system.
Safety is the guarantee of enterprise development, safety is a barrier to protect life, if I am safe, I love, I want safety is awareness! Let the seed of safety and quality standardization be planted in our hearts forever, water him with knowledge, and let him grow vigorously! As long as we are more vigilant and obey everything at all times, then accidents that threaten our personal safety at all times, such as flying swords, will leave us. Wishes will be full of joy in millions of households.